GROWING & Strengthening the global wave of women in Extreme Sports

What if I fall?  ~ Oh, but darling, what if you fly?

OUR MISSION is to grow and strengthen the global wave of women in Extreme Sports;

we lower barriers, encourage feminine style & celebrate the queens at the top

As a social enterprise, OUR VISION is to be recognised by every women thinking about, starting or progressing in any extreme sport, as a place to grow & develop, in whichever way that's necessary for them. 

Read how we will do that below.


Whatever level, whatever sport, She Flies is for you.

Thinking about it? Hear inspirational speakers at an event for information that will ignite your fire

Just starting out? Join our members scheme for the right schools to get you started

Looking to grow? Meet a World Class champion for coaching on a She Flies Adventure trip


Already sponsored? You are leading the way, we want you to be known by everyone - get in touch to coach on an adventure trip or inspire others with your strength through our progression articles and social media


Join our globally recognised Members Scheme, to break down the barriers of extreme sports. 

Connect with 100 schools around the world. Money off lessons & equipment. Free Networking events & meet ups. Plus a Stylish Welcome Pack of gear & merchandise.

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We learn quicker when supported not compared, we perform faster with more detail, we get emotional when we win - and when we fail. We focus on that and celebrate our unique feminine style. Whatever your level, join us and our Pro-Rider special guests on an adventure trips.


Progression & passion comes when we are provided with the media to inspire us. Our events showcase the best of that - through incredible guest speakers and female focused films, we bring together our community, inspire the future and celebrate our graceful power.

As sportswomen ourselves, we've been where you are. As qualified coaches, our articles give you insight into our experiences, progression tips and lifestyle to help you move forward in your extreme sports journey.


We have teamed up with independent creators to fill our shop with the perfect gifts for any extreme sports lover.

Each item is hand selected, tested and we love them all. 


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