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The SHE FLIES x Lieuwe Kiteboard 🚀

Weeks, months (and years of dreams) and it's finally here! The SHE FLIES x Lieuwe Kiteboard. Designed by YOU, the She Flies Community.

You wanted a statement. You wanted it bold. You wanted to tell the beach you fly.

A beautiful piece in the SHOTGUN and SHOTGUN Carbonara Design, made to order. That means that at the time of publishing this article, there is only ONE in the whole world - do you want the second? Visit She Flies x Lieuwe Board STORE.

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Why Lieuwe? | The Board & How it FEELS | How to choose a Board?

Why Lieuwe?

At She Flies HQ, we get approached for partnerships often. A pleasure and a testament to the impact you, as women, are making to an industry. The decision to partner isn't as easy.

If we were going to partner with a board designer, it must be led by facts, stats and performance, not pretty designs and stories.

Read Founder, Josie's view that's harder than we think; Shrink It & Pink It' Kitesurf dilemma

We wanted a company that enables the gait of a woman, sees the size of our feet and recognises our squat stance is both narrow and differs in angle.

That's why we went with Lieuwe's SHOTGUN as "the board that was perfected before its time", it's not just the Lieuwe team that have confidence, the industry agrees;

Important for us to mention, the journey for She Flies x Lieuwe has been beautiful. From Romain reaching out, Sanne talking design v feel to Roel waving with grins in the 'office background'. It really has been smooth, considered and supportive of our needs as Women.

*Sigh of happy*

Visit She Flies x Lieuwe Board STORE.


The Board & How it FEELS

The SHE FLIES x Lieuwe Kiteboard uses the Lieuwe SHOTGUN and SHOTGUN Carbonara.

Designed by you, the She Flies Community. You wanted loud, bright and not riddled with 'pink & fluffy'. We are strong, we are awesome and we want a board to reflect that.

The SHOTGUN board itself is famous in the Kiteboard Industry. The ultimate free-ride, cruising, and fun for playing on the water board, but can also hit your next level in Big Air.

But let's explore what this means for how it feels...

Flexible Core & Flexible Rocker
= Easy on the knees & choppy condition

With very good "pop"; you’ll jump higher than before. It's flexible wooden core and rocker makes it easy on the knees during landings (Note the Carbon version - Carbonara - is much stiffer due to the harder material)

This same flex in the core makes it B-E-A-U-tiful for choppy conditions. Smooth and gentle.

Josie prefers the Carbon Version (you can tell with the black tip) as it's lighter!
Medium Rocker & Defined Channels
= Better "grip" which improves upwind

The board has 4 channels in both tips, which add a lot of grip when you really need it; jumps, landings and going upwind. For those who are still struggling wi