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Our values

Our values

Founded in 2019, we are on a mission to unleash bold and the courageous Women. We believe Women have an elegant strength, unique style and way of learning that must be celebrated in order to be bold, courageous and successful in Extreme Sports. After all, showing off is a superpower.

As a social enterprise / CIC (Community Interest Company), our vision is to be recognised by every woman thinking about, starting or progressing in extreme sport, as a place to personally grow, in a way that's necessary for them.

We are very proud of our values, and we focus on them to design every event, trip and activity we do.

Expose the Feminine Style

Celebrate women for being women.

We believe that Women in Extreme Sports have a unique style - from the innate femininity to the attention to detail - women have an elegant strength and a finesse to their riding that should be both exposed and celebrated.

Never forget the value of conversation.

We believe a woman's mind is incredible; emotionally intelligent, analytical and resilient. The way in which Extreme Sports are taught often forget this. Our powerful minds must be coached first in order for our bodies to follow. 

Coach the Mind before the Body


Provide True Community

Leave the egos at the door.

We believe that, women find super powers through honest and real community - away from social media, away from ego - when women talk, togetherness is found; we truly believe it creates an energy that cannot be found elsewhere.

Every journey is unique.

We believe women perform better when they are supported, not compared. We are not weak, we simply have a higher hill to climb. Supporting one and other up that, gives us a higher chance of reaching the top.


Support before Comparison


Showing off is a Superpower

Celebrate confidence and allow pride.

We believe that to show off is not a negative act. Showing off brings confidence, confidence brings success. In order to promote ourselves, put ourselves forward and to change an industry, it starts from within.

Join us and be part of the movement

We are a global community of women ranging from beginners to professionals in many sports.

Join us for free to be part of the movement and get notified of our latest news, events and monthly love.

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