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SOUTH COAST Kick Off, Hayling Island UK

Sold out in 48 hours, the inaugural "Winging" event sets the bar high for the UKs South Coast community and adventure!

She Flies recently spread its wings, quite literally, for a bunch of beautiful Wingers last weekend. We had a mixture of levels from those doing first flights, right up to Level WOAH THEY'RE GOOD.

Winging has grown exponentially in the past few years, uniquely bringing together communities from Kitesurfing, Windsurfing and Sailing, it's providing new opportunities for many women looking to try something new.

And now, we're ready for you!

The event marks the initiation of She Flies SOUTH COAST community, initiated and hosted by Rachel, an exceptional woman who has been a long-standing admirer of She Flies. Rachel's passion for the She Flies movement has now manifested in the form of a welcoming and beautiful community based in Hayling Island and the surrounding south coast of the UK.

Thanks to Rachel, the community has been a long time coming, and at She Flies we had the privilege of starting with 17 incredible women at Hayling Island Sailing Club last weekend.

Despite the challenging wind conditions, the SOUTH COAST Kick Off was awesome. We spent the two days in the water, enjoying yoga, performance coaching, team-building exercises, Winging plus theory with the amazing Jess Gent and networking opportunities for everyone to join alone and leave with friends.

As massive thanks to our talented personal photographer "Capture the Stoke" who certainly did and the unbelievably welcoming team at Hayling Island Sailing Club. While the wind may have been somewhat elusive, it did little to dampen the spirits of these new friends. The openness, enthusiasm, and shared passion for salty adventures kept everyone energised throughout the event (wing round the Isle of Wight, anyone?)

If reading about this has ignited your own desire to be part of it, either the South Coast Community, another one of our many existing or perhaps you want to set up something in your area - sign up or get in touch!

Whether you're already a seasoned water sports athlete or simply craving the community love or new activities, She Flies welcomes women of all backgrounds and levels to join us.

To the She Flies South Coast community - we are so excited to see you grow!


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