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Cyprus Kite Camp, 2022

We always wanted a camp in Cyprus ever since we met Kahuna Surfhouse and the magic vibe that Angie elicits at her home spot. But when the spaces for this camp sold out in just two weeks, we knew we were on to a winner.

Just a short plane journey from the UK, a 15 minute drive from the airport and our ladies were settling into their home beachside paradise for the week - just a stones throw away from consistent wind and special vibes at the Kite spot.

Representing countries all over the world - UK, Netherlands and even Canada! We do our best to create the community way before our guests arrive, but these ladies didn't need much help.

"The vibe and energy was incredible"

said our host. Instant community, instant support, instant friendship.

We always choose a team that know both the spot, the community and really understand the value of Women in sport. Georgia as our host, started to kite in 2014 and is already 5 x Cyprus Kite Champion - but it's more than that, she's the warmest, most welcoming woman, and our team of lady shredders felt her energy from the start.

Let's just say, we choose the best!

Each day we started with a beautiful yoga flow - but that oozy deep stretch rather than a hard core workout, just the right set up to prep your body for a day of wind. A big thank you to our yoga instructor, Maria who reacted to the energy and found every last muscle that needed a little tend.

During breakfast we set out goals for the day - an important step for She Flies and led by the foundation of mind coaching - so we do it right. And it showed, once we made our way to the spot and lessons began, these women were on fire.

Each progressing in different ways - be it physically and moving forward with the sport itself, or mentally moving forward with the games our mind plays with us.

It's a beautiful energy to watch and Georgia was filled with pride.

Leaving the spot for a few drinks at sunset, a big night out or a relaxing massage to end the day - each day was different but they all ended with a smile.

We're lucky to work with an incredible school. Here is our virtual bow down to the Queens and Kings of Kahuna Surfhouse. If you've never been, just go check our the smiles that surround that school. A place perfectly aligned with She Flies, instructors who teach women in the way we need to be taught and a female owned business that creates the community we need to succeed.

The week ended with a bang with the notorious Kahuna Kite Cup on the last day of the camp. After a week of lessons and progression, our camp were part of the crew at the school so having this party finish off the week couldn't be better. Professional riders came from far and wide to take over this magic spot - DJ's, music, drinks and Kitesurfing.

And guess who entered her very first competition? Our girl Alex! We are so proud of her and what she achieved in the week alone. Joining to "perfect transitions", and ending competing in front of a beach full of people. Look at the pride on her face (middle back)....

That's what it's all about.

Here's to another big thank you to our partners at Kahuna Surfhouse, Angie, our host Georgia, our yoga queen Maria and our crew of lady shredders.

If you missed out and you want to join next year, check out our latest events and get in before they sell out!


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