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50 Women Wing Foiling, the SOUTH COAST FLOCK is at it again 🚀

Last weekend marked a monumental gathering for our pioneering SOUTH COAST FLOCK. 50 women, of all levels, on the water smiling.

Wingfoil Women, Hayling Island, She Flies

Led by Rachel, our first flock is a community of Wing Foiling Women who gather, connect and support each other at Hayling Island. The flock has seen unbelievable growth thanks to two key passions; one being Rachel, our expert lead and the other being the energy of Women looking to start and develop their winging journey.

Despite the looming uncertainty of the weather forecast, over 50 women headed down to Hayling and our relentless wind dances throughout the week summoned a steady breeze, sunshine and blue skies.


Most of our guests join alone and all of them leave with friends, so with nerves and anxiety being normal, we celebrate them and the people arriving knowing no one. Rach kicked off with a 50 person strong Welcome Meeting to dispel any apprehensions, set the tone for the SHE FLIES values, goals and expectations of the weekend.

Welcome meeting with SHE FLIES lead Rachel, 50 Wing Foil Women

This is always the best bit for us. It's at this point you start to feel the energy in the room that can’t be replicated elsewhere, the gathering of like-minded women, friendships start forging, sparking new WhatsApp groups and communities. From Ipswich to Cornwall, Essex to Norwich, and even as far as Leicester, women from all corners united with a shared passion for these epic sports.

As the tide filled the spot and we started to hit the water, the team at DUOTONE were on shore with kit advice, expertise and an abundance of gear all to try. A massive thanks to Nik Baker, Tim Frampton, and Richard Hobson for their contribution!

What made it an epic Saturday was the cascade of firsts – first flights, first moments standing on the board, first encounters with the tide and even first gybes. We debriefed, we shared triumphs and as the day faded away, 20 of us shared a well-deserved meal full of conversations and laughter that echoed the day's magic.

And breathe.

Sunday dawned with an early start, the chill of the morning air and some achy muscles yet, by 10 am, every single participant was on the water, undeterred. We were gushing with pride. As expected with the SHE FLIES energy, something happened that had every woman pushing her limits; from daring jumps to gybes. 

The She Flies Community vibes

In the wake of this amazing weekend, one thing is abundantly clear to the SOUTH COAST FLOCK: when these women come together being bold and courageous, there's no limit. Finally, as we struggle to read all the love filling the event group, we want to say a final, heartfelt thank you to our brilliant flock lead, Rach and Hayling Island Sailing Club for making SHE FLIES SOUTH COAST FLOCK such a success.

Look at that smile.

She Flies south coast lead, Rachel

Up next, we have the CALSHOT FLOCK planned in June. Sign up to the mailing list to be the first to hear, book and do this all over again.


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