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Kite & Fitness Camp 2020, Sri Lanka

I say it so often these days but it always amazes me how when women come together, there is an energy and a fire that you just can't find in other scenarios. It's no different at our She Flies Camps and this February, we spent a week focusing on Kiteboarding and Fitness in Sri Lanka with 5 lady guests nailing it, supported by Nalu Beads, The Kite Mag and Big Blue Boards.


Kim, Mareen, Caz, Serena and Clare came with open minds and warm hearts, ready to totally engage with a new community. Their levels differed but was in the most part irrelevant, as each of them chose their target goal for the week. Confidence, safety and a better understanding was at the top of the list, but tucked in the sides was a newly coined 'bag of tricks' that we challenged ourselves to fill.

Check out the video of the week here, or read on for the coaching, the fitness and the culture!

Our days were jam packed; blending with Kite Theory, Body Conditioning & Deep Stretching, Video Analysis and of course - the passion; Kiteboarding.

The Kiteboarding Theory, I always love so much, there are so many things to discuss, little tricks, little tips and just general Q&A's. The How's? What's? Why's? All the questions that feel silly to ask or the things you learnt in your first ever lesson and have never been spoken of again.

"I feel lot more confident about handling my gear and following my own knowledge. In every session I could pick up some new knowledge and or tricks and tips. I especially liked the setting up the bar and wind theory session."

We are lucky to have the BNKR teaching us how to stay strong and fit and prepare ourselves for Kiteboarding. Working on your bodies is important to prevent injury. We measured our energy each day and our incredibly inspirational Fitness Coach, Cass, based the class around what we needed. Some days it was all just about the long old deep stretch.


We squeezed in a cheeky lunch of local deliciousness, before we were back on the ball and off to the beach. The wind was up every day and with some of the girls getting in their additional lessons to get them confidently riding upwind, the rest of the ladies were working through their 'bag of tricks'.

"I thought the coaching was brilliant - your approach of picking one thing for us to focus on in feedback had excellent results... She Flies coaching opened my eyes to how [women should be taught]"

It makes no difference, which country you're in, which culture you're surrounded by - a group of women is an awesome force and this trip to Sri Lanka and their progression in mindset and in body was another incredible experience.

Thanks for being awesome ladies!

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