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She Wakes Mini Festival 2022, New Forest UK

One of the biggest challenges at a She Flies Mini Festival, is doing it justice in the follow up. Writing words like 'incredible', 'inspirational', 'powerful' and 'warm' - they somehow don't carry the weight they deserve.

"I've found a new love for the sport, and a new respect for myself"

Last weekend, She Flies took over New Forest Water Park for the third She Wakes Mini Festival, sponsored by DUP Wake UK with all the proceeds going to UN Women Ukraine.

"It was so incredibly inspiring to see so many female wakeboarders come together, cheering each other on, supporting each other and creating new friendships"

Hiring the whole park means that we fill it with 80 Women following the famous She Flies values and that is powerful in itself. The energy spread through smiles, encouragement and support for one another - not just from the guests but from our Speakers, Sellers stands and the team at New Forest.

We invite people to come alone, as they're leave with friends and it was beautiful so see so many women create friendships as the weekend went on. Beginners through to advanced riders, everyone is welcome.

"The vibe and support from She Flies ladies on the dock absolutely made it"

We had some great speakers this year including Muscle Mind Connection with Gabby Bates, Wakeboarding & Yoga: a perfect pair with Mariana Durandard and of course a brilliant low down on Boards & Bindings with Madison White & DUP Wake

Thank you to our wide ranging and wonderful sellers stands including Stax & Stix, Bro! Clothing, The Wetsuit Centre, Water Baby Jewellery and Homemade Adventures alongside DUP Wake UK with boards and bindings to demo.

These guys lit up the dock for a bit of browsing in between talks and wakeboarding.

Alongside these we had another deeply powerful SOMA Breathwork session with Shai Cannon. The sessions always have incredible turn out with the deepest relaxation, you can read more about Shai's work here.

Finally, our advanced riders. One of our favourite parts of She Flies is inviting advanced UK riders to get their go 'showing off' on the cable. This year we were lucky enough to have;

Madison White | DUP Wake UK, Bro! Clothing, Southby - follow her here

Leah Morgan | DUP Wake UK, Wetsuit Centre, Xtremewake, Boxend Park - follow her here

Tilly Hunter | Wetsuit Centre - follow her here

Jess Horsburgh | Slingshot, VWFolkswagon - follow her here

Amber Flegg | follow her here

Bethan Murray, Sisters of Spring - follow her here

So here's to another year of magic. If you missed it or want to join next year, make sure you join the community to be the first to hear when tickets are released!


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