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Watch: A Sea Woman

"A short story about one woman and her relationship towards the Sea. To inspire all women of any generation to encourage one another and celebrate the fierce power & positive healing impact of the big blue. Filmed on a wonderful winters evening back in February. Lovely words and story by Jude Broad & beautiful sounds by Robert Brown."

There we were scrolling through the depths of social media and a short edit caught our eye. A Sea Woman. The words, beauty, flow and message that come across in this short 3 minute edit captures the connection to the ocean that so many of us will recognise.

Georgia Howie is a Multidisciplinary Designer who is passionate about Visual Storytelling through practises such as Moving image & Graphic Design. At 25, she is finishing up a Graphic Design Degree here in the UK and it was through this that she has produced this beautiful piece.

When we asked Georgia to tell us a bit about her, she goes directly to that those around her: "I have inherited my Mother’s love for creativity and adventurous spirit from my Dad & Brother after following them around the mountains skiing and exploring the world; they pushed me and I am so grateful for it. Now, I am really passionate about the outdoors and enjoy incorporating nature and the environment within my work."

You can watch it below and read about Georgias way of thinking and her honest and open opinion on the relationship so many of us have with ourselves and our sport.

"I felt it was important for me to create this film as only a few years ago, I was once a complete beginner. [I want] to encourage more women to overcome that initial fear that I had experienced because it’s the feeling after getting out of the sea that drives me the most."

Georgia talks to us about where the idea came from and why she felt a burning need to get her message out there.

"I’m really glad you liked the narrative. The words are all from a friend of mine, Jude (the surfer in the film) - I came up with the questions to ask her with a story in mind. Jude is a surf instructor who I met in Cornwall a few years ago and she has really motivated me over the past few years in learning to surf."

Georgia has seen the world and that message of support and motivation comes from her experience within it. Always one to want to go on "as many adventures as possible" has led her to no less than three ski seasons in Italy and three summers working on sailing boats in the Mediterranean. After a year in Milan she realised that fashion city life wasn't her at heart and she found herself back in the UK pursuing her passion for surfing in our self-labelled 'surf capital of the world', Cornwall.

"Along my journey, I was inspired by people from different cultures and backgrounds; their stories and experiences have influenced me to create work through the use of Design and Media and I can’t wait to keep meeting more like-minded people and to create more work around this subject."

Georgia and Jude

Through the release of her edit, she was introduced to She Flies and it sounds like our believes tie in pretty well. "'s really cool to see so many like-minded women encouraging one another in extreme sports. It’s what I love the most; sharing waves with women, skiing with women, anything adventure related - doing it together is what makes it so special. It’s the best feeling in the world having your friends cheer you on whilst doing the passion you love most. That’s why I wanted to make that film. I wouldn’t be surfing if it wasn’t for the encouragement from my friends." It was beautiful to hear how passionate and honest Georgia is about the lack of confidence so many of us fall foul to but the need for support and community to build it back up; "I feel so fortunate to have had these experiences and I believe they are so important. Not only did it build my confidence as a woman, it shaped me to who I am today. I was initially apprehensive about moving abroad alone and I wasn’t that confident at skiing or surfing. I was just purely scared. I made mistakes and had lots of big wipeouts but it was the motivation from the women that I met along the way that encouraged me to get better [not forgetting] the positive support from the boys. I met the most amazing people who are now my friends for life and I couldn’t advise it more to anyone."

We are all in the same mindset of fear but someone will always be there to help you push past it. 

It was really special to catch up with Georgia and hearing her talk about the meaning behind this short 3 minutes. Here's hoping she leaves her degree and spends every year producing more and more for us.

You can follow Georgia on Instagram here.


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