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She Kites Mini Festival 2021, UK

Our Mini Festivals are a celebration of powerful women and after postponing She Kites due to the COVID19 pandemic, it was pretty clear these women have been saving up their power!

On 22 & 23 May 2021, we hosted She Kites Mini Festival at Camber Sands, UK. Our first ever She Kites Mini Festival event and we can say for certain already that it will be the first of many.

Having to keep the ticket sales low (due to the pandemic) we lightly marketed and sold out quickly but the energy that was felt at the weekend reminds us of the need to double it.

Women joined us from all over the UK and following our promise, that if you joined alone, you will leave as friends, we are already seeing the friendships blossom in our community chats.

I was so excited to see so many faces I recognised and then hear names and realise there were so many women I knew from emails, messages, texts - that's what makes these events so special for me. And I mentioned in our opening chat, the purpose of our events is to ignite the community for you to take away.

Like all of our events, we can't thank our supporters enough to help us make it happen:

Nik at North Kiteboarding, Dom at FOne Kites and Big Blue Boards brought their best to demo from Kites to Boards, to Harnesses, to Wetsuits.

We were lucky to have North Kiteboarding Sponsored Rider Rose Bungener and Danielle with the hilarious, inclusive and interesting Fireside Chat, I for one was giggling all the way through, what a pair. Francine who took us into a safe space to combine Mindfulness and Kiting with a gentle opener to the weekend. Laura and her awesome Women's Circle, which stays with us. Finally Josie (that's me!), Jen and Rose opening up the floor to Coffee & Kite Q&A where the questions just kept on coming - even through the rain.

Alex was our beautiful yoga instructor who fought through rain, wind and sunshine(!) hosting a beautiful class on the beach on Saturday and Sally who got the dry spot on Sunday.

Suze from Epic Action Media captured the day perfectly and we will shortly be sharing the day's edit, as usual, from Dom at Resonate Visuals UK. And a special thanks to our volunteering local photographers on the day, Klara Koudelkova and Emma Jacobs.

Not forgetting our wonderful volunteers, Emily, Becs, Li and Nataly supported by Laura running the day!

Joining us over the weekend we had some epic stands from;

"When you buy a Samudra piece, you are not only investing in the sustainable “slow” fashion movement, you are helping the marine environment and society as we pledge to donate 5% of profits to female-focused conservation projects, aiming to make this world a better place.”⁠

Thanks for joining Katy, we absolutely loved this high quality and beautiful clothing!

Rachel brought us some beautiful artwork, earrings and other bits and bobs. All designed and made by her, with her beaming smile she shared throughout the whole weekend. You can follow her on Instagram for more of her goodness, or visit her Etsy Shop!

"Rye Chocolates is filled to the brim with chocolate alongside products from local independent businesses. They work constantly to ensure their chocolate is supplied by producers who are passionate about supporting their local community, the environment & paying their workers fairly. Every chocolate bar is hand-wrapped by the Rye Chocolates team with love.⁠⁠"

And of course, She Flies Merch was flying off the shelf! (Available online)

Finally, a huge thank you to the team at The Kitesurf Centre. With their new layout, the event was in a perfect spot with the right layout and inclusive feel. It made us feel warm and welcome and even though that pesky British rain, there were smiles all round!

If you missed it, make sure you're signed up to our community for future events, or check out what we have in store on our events page.


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