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Lockdown Loving Ep1: Bravery with Lisa Baloo & Katka Salandova

"I'm strong, I'm beautiful, I can, I can, I can" ~ Lisa Baloo

What a year we've had and when governments across Europe start to announce lockdowns, it can fill us with a little creep of anxiety; that is, if we forget that lockdown = loving from She Flies.

Our second series of virtual events started with a bang as we invited Lisa Baloo, World Class Wakeboarder and Katka Salandova, Sports Psychologist to talk about the all important topic in Extreme Sports - Bravery.

Of course, joining us was 49 Women from around the globe, representing the She Flies community. Some old faces we'd seen from the first series and some brand new inquisitive eyes ready to join the movement.

The conversation was insightful from start to finish, from the advise of a psychologist about Sensation Seekers and where we find our energy, to the truth of a pro rider and that fear doesn't just sit in those that feel they can't.

The best part was that we have been lucky enough to have Phil as part of She Flies who is a media mega babe and if you missed the episode, you can catch up on the very first She Flies Podcast courtesy of Phil.

And if that wasn't enough, Vicky is much better at explaining than we are! Check out her epic article she wrote after the session. Does it give you super powers?


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