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Kite & Mind Camp, Egypt Safari

Do you have a memory that you can't really put into words? When you think of it you just feel a warm fuzzy feeling and it's hard to describe.

In May 2022, after 3 years waiting, She Flies took 21 Women to Egypt for a Kitesurf & Mind Coaching Safari. That means, we jumped on board a beautiful yacht and spent the next seven days seeking out wind in paradise, all with the perfect blend of Kitesurf Coaching and coaching of our powerful minds.

When these two practices are combined - sport and mind - we often find the battles in a woman's sporting journey are simply a metaphor for wider challenges in life.

It's powerful stuff.

Egypt was no difference. Each woman was on their own journey. Those perfecting the upwind riding, up to those pushing kite loops. The mix of levels made no impact to the beautiful, supportive energy that was felt from the moment the first woman stepped on board - and despite the fatigue and some days with no wind - the energy never changed.

When the wind wasn't on, we chased Dolphins, tried our hand at 'Foil Wakeboarding' and spent hours together - as a team - Katka taking the Woman through a powerful mindfulness and deep Mind Coaching, or Josie took our guests forward with Performance Coaching.

We were lucky to have a brilliant team of crew from Big Dayz, Sofya, Ayman, Turkey, Mustafa, Hatata and the boat crew too helping us getting to the spot, setting up all 21 kites (and more) and making sure we were at the right place at the right time!

Lily was our yoga queen and she finished each day with a slice of calm as the sunset. From a full power session or a gentle stretch, she worked it out and listened to the energy of the group, with no one left behind.

Katka, our incredible psychologist and mind coach. Her presence was a real honour to create the connection between each women through her daily mindfulness practise and individual mind coaching, finding battles and overcoming hurdles with each.

It's Janika to thank for the beautiful photographs you see on this page. A talented woman who, on her own journey, found the time to capture the most natural and beautiful moments on board and off.

Finally, myself, Josie. As a coach for performance, it was an honour to have our guests open up and reach their full potential. This takes trust. The guests made it easy as the trust was formed from day 1. A pleasure to be a part of and something I will take away forever.

It was a week we won't forget. Each Women - for our final goodbye - was asked to take a sentence away. What is it you will tell yourself in moments of need, in the future, to look back at this trip.

Sharing those sentences wouldn't be right but listening to each and every difference that came through, reminds us that each Woman is different, unique and powerful in her own right. It was a pleasure to hear, watch and get to know these beautiful journeys in the short time we had.

Who's coming next year?

If you want to join a She Flies trip, we recommend getting in early as we book just a few each year, and they sell out quickly. Sign up to our mailing list to be notified of the trips for 2023.


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