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UK Kitesurf Beginners Camp, 2020

In mid September 2020, we were stoked to run the first She Flies Beginners Camp. There was a point at which we weren't sure Beginners needed our help. The early stages of a sport, perhaps you come in just excited and ready to learn, not in need of a female community around you?

How wrong we were.

With only 6 spots up for grabs, our camp sold out quickly and we got planning with The Kitesurf Centre and our super star coaches, Sylwia and Pawel for an epic weekend in Camber Sands.

Women have a unique way of learning, and we believe that in order for us to succeed in growing this wave of Women in Extreme Sports, we must start coaching differently. As we set the table for our Welcome Meeting on Friday night, that conversation got going and we immediately got into the detail. That energy is so awesome and everyone shared their stories of what helps them learn, where their anxieties are and how stoked they were to be with us. We set the tone.

We started the first day right, with Sally taking us through some socially distanced beautiful awakening yoga, right on the beach as the beautiful sun was rising. We didn't know each other well yet but we all knew the weekend was going to be one that created friendships.

We chose Camber Sands as it's one of the windiest places in the UK. We get a great thermal wind and this weekend was no different. What's more, is it is situated right next to the beautiful town of Rye. After yoga, we were ready for the day so we headed to The Fig for a delicious brunch and preparation for the first lesson to start.

6 hours of lessons is a lot for anyone but we got started with snacks on hand for a mammoth first day, fully prepped and stretched.

The first bit is theory and there is a lot to learn, followed straight after by that crazy power kite on land and then we're ready to hit the water, fully geared up!

At every stage, our ladies had conversation, questions and were listening intently - our instructors know what to expect and that detail is important for women, so we give it at just the right level - no too much to over complicate, but just enough to encourage clarity and confidence in the students.

The rest is history, we got to the water for body dragging on the first day and the kite control was nothing less than incredible. We couldn't believe the consistency of the women learning to fly the kite and we do wonder if that was due to tone we set and the instructors we had.

After a yummy dinner and the next day began, we were straight back on the water form 8am.

The women had an epic weekend and the confidence they built around each other created the energy that can't be created elsewhere. We were proud of one another, not competing with each other and everyones successes were celebrated.

It was awesome seeing their faces as they walked from the water the final time, tired but proud and ready to continue their journey in their new sport.

Big shout out to Natalie, Hannah, Leila, Charlotte, Phill and Alina. Each with their own story, own goals and own pride. An even bigger thank you to our incredible instructors, Sylwia and Pawel who guided these women with experience and calm. And finally, to Sheenagh and Josie, dream team hosts of an epic weekend.

We can't wait to see you on the next adventure ladies!


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