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Watch: She Flies The Movie

Prepare to be inspired.

Hitting over 5k views on Facebook in just 24 hours, we were overwhelmed by the impression this movie made to women all over the world who need the inspiration to push themselves, realise their potential and fly.

Women in extreme sports. This is it. #SheFliesTheMovie

We are a social enterprise and our mission is to grow and strengthen this global wave of Women in Extreme Sports. It starts here.

Watch it. Share it. Be part of it.

Edit: Lucas Martinez

Footage: Mintautas Griga & Riders own

A huge thank you to every single rider who recorded, filmed and shared this incredible footage:

Georgina Monti Kimberley Maria Clementina Bailey-Jones Daisy Silvey Henrietta Jackson Paula Novotná Paula Novotná Grace Austin Extreme Nomads Hannah Whiteley Hannah Whiteley Irina Jenni Jalou Langeree Jessica Anderson Line Juul Mareen Castle Juliette Ball, Steph Vdboorn Ugne, Ania Przedlacka, Eliska Hofmanoa, Gianna Mewes Kimi Flyn, Ava Lavender, Catrin Bates Cynthia Brown, Jana Krcmova, Jennifer Johnston, Kathi Gray, Kaya Lehmann Pauline Robichon BIG BLUE Boards Kaya Lehman, Leila Scheltema, Maddie Lavender, Paula Mnich, Simona Schatzmann, Sofie Goehler, Therese Tallhamn, Nathalie Huendu, Caroline Schneider, Jana Vahalik, Liloo Fourre, Vasilisa, Georgi Koudellari, Pia Soboreo, Anne Huguet Liloo Fourré Kiteboarding Vasilisa Ermakova Pia Soboreo


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