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She Flies The Movie, Part 2

It's with more pleasure that we can possible wiggle out of us, that we can announce She Flies The Movie part TWO is out now. The Journey. Brought to you by Waterworld Productions superstar, Lucas Martinez and the incredible 60 women who recorded and shared their own personal footage of their journeys.

We have pulled this footage from Women from all over the world, of all levels, in all sports to bring our community together and inspire both the existing and the next generation of incredible lady shredders this world has to offer us.

You can watch the full edit below. Remember to like, comment and subscribe to us on YouTube to make sure you don't miss any more of these.

Do you want to be in next years? Join our community to be notified of submission dates.

Thank you to our riders for this year, you are all wonderful:

Adrienn Bognár, Alexandra Cornelius, Alexia Desile, Ali Gray, Alina Fisher, Alina Kornelli, Anna Faber, Anna Limpert, Argiro Katsaraki, Aya Eiffel, Cathy Padgett, Clare Barnard, Daisy Hingert, Dawn Allen, Eliska Hofmanova, Emily Semiao, Erin Bank, Georgia Koudellari, Gianna Mewes, Giorgia Matteazzi, Hannah Bodkin, Holly Regan, India Laverack, Izzy Goode, Jalou Langeree, Jennie Milton, Jitske Arends, Joanna Sievers, Josi Boll, Julia Rick, Julie Bayer, Jutta Menestrina, Kathi Heusel, Kenzie Hickey, Laura Siebring, Laurie Williams, Leah Morgan, Leila Scheltema, Lianne Harrold, Liepa Girskaite, Liloo Fourré, Lisa Baloo, Lisa Schlecht, Lotte Docherty, Manuela Jungo, Mareen Tiedemann, Misha Barton, Nathalie Blaser, Nora OberlaÃànder, Olivia Herbert, Paige Tobins, Sara Moseley, Sensi Graves, Stephanie van den Boorn, Susi Mai, Sylwia Zeleszkiewicz, Tilly Hunter, Vikki Bentley


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