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Watch: Wakeboard Competition Day

When Liquid Leisure mentioned they had significantly under representation for the Women's entries at the Oktober WakeFest Comp, we reached out to our community, and guess what happened.

This edit captures the emotion and bravery these girls displayed, their first ever competition. Prepare to be moved by Lucy's pride at the end.

We're not crying, you are.

Thank you to Lucy Dean, Laura Siebring, Yiqing Wang and Poppy who stepped up and took their place at their first ever competitions over this weekend, and to all of the other competitors over the weekend.

Pro Women Liquid Leisure Oktober Wakefest

🏆 Izzy Goode

🏆 Eve Smith Lang

🏆 India Laverick


Am Women Liquid Leisure Oktober Wakefest

🏆 Laura Siebring (our girl in the movie!)

🏆 Karena Clayton

🏆 Shaina Maree


Unders @newforestwaterpark

🏆 Jess Horsburgh

🏆 Tilly

🏆 Florence Hannan


Womens @newforestwaterpark

🏆 Isobel Thistlewood

🏆 Lucy Fairbrass

🏆 Sara Moseley


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