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Wakeboarding Progression Morning, Liquid Leisure

An early morning start is always worth it. Sometimes it's a painful alarm, but when the 15 women got up bright and early for the 7am Breakfast at Liquid Leisure, it was anticipation and excitement only.

On Sunday 4 Oct, we hosted a Progression Morning just for She Flies women at Liquid Leisure. Hosted by the amazing Laura and yet again, selling out in a matter of days, we had a group of women - from only ever riding the cable once before, to flipping inverts off kickers - these ladies didn't know each other prior to booking a slot, but felt like friends by the time they arrive. It's something we take great pride in with She Flies, the community starts from the moment you book.

Laura gave the usual debrief after the event, she asked "so who progressed, or did something new today?" - every person raised their hand.

We run the morning starting with a fuel filled breakfast, to get to know one another of course but primarily to get a chance to talk through our goals. Why are we here, what would you be proud if you achieved today. Progression isn't the goal of everyone, but setting intentions, goals and ambition for your session is important and something in extreme sports that is a very powerful and simple technique.

We were incredibly lucky to have Suze from Epic Action Media capturing the day. Her speciality is capturing women in sport... We think you'll agree, she does it pretty well.

What's more, we had three fantastic coaches: Izzy Goode, Madison White and Charlie Hay. The women split the group to ensure social distancing was adhered to and each coach took 5 guests. Opening up and sharing our goals is a way to seek commitment, but it also gave the coaches a really good idea of individuals, to ensure they could really focus on that person on the dock.

With the awesome Shaina, on the dock waiting for us, we headed down for our 2 hour private session. The riders were on it...

Our amazing coaches were coaching from the dock, as well as riding doubles (where you ride at the same time as your student and coach on the cable) - and even Laura put her session aside and coached from that first cheeky corner.

Tilly went upside down trying a Tantrum, Summer did the Poolgap and Li went around doing several laps facing her fears and she even - kind of accidentally on purpose - hit the box and landed it on her first try! Everyone felt like they progressed so much. It was cold but perfect, and that Great British rain that we all love, didn't deter anyone. If anything, it made the lake super clean without much choppiness.

The girls were riding doubles with each other - not just their coaches. The sound when someone succeeded was immense - screams, yells and cheers. Whether it was giving something a try, getting off the dock and just getting round the corner - the energy when it's all women is electric and this morning was no different. There was so much support, so much positivity and such a warm energy. Everyone felt safe, comfortable and powerful to push limits and achieve goals.

This morning was the start of something, with several of the women heading back to Liquid the following weekend, and some of them even signed up to the Oktober Wakefest competition.

So ladies - like so much with She Flies - this yet again, is the start of something epic. If you want in to the next event, get signed up to our network rapido!


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