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Women connect in a way that can't be explained by a hashtag

I can't really explain it. There's just a connection with Women when they get together. There is no bravado, no perception, no need to be someone. I never really realised it before I started She Flies.

It's sometimes hard to believe at the end of a Camp that the women have only just met 6 or 7 days ago. There's laughter to the belly ache, conversations long into the night and deep into the heart and there's celebrations for one another that you'd think only comes from someone who's known the person for years and seen their struggles first hand.

Our in house videographer, Lucas Martinez pulled this video together as we felt like there was too much good footage of women connecting that a single 'She Flies Sri Lanka' video just didn't do it justice.

Before She Flies, I always valued my friends and the community of women around me - but I took it for granted. Women truly support one another, we are empowered with one another. It's hard to write those words and know you'll feel the weight of them, so often 'support' and 'empower' are words often over used which can cause them to lose their value.

But they should be heavy. Women truly support one another. When you land a trick, or start with success, women are there watching you, smiling at you and feeling your pride in themselves. Of course there is comparison and competition, and we all compare ourselves to one another - we're human - it's instinct, or survival, right? But when it's happening just in that moment, when you see someone succeed - all of the comparison, the competition, it's removed or replaced as your heart starts singing for that woman nailing it.

This video describes our camps, our community, our events in such a perfect way, it deserves it's own passage and spotlight. We are a community that always comes first and when we're together, we find the fire to progress.

2021 Camps will be announced Friday 31st July 2020. Watch this space.


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