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Lockdown Loving Ep4: The Journey with Susi Mai

The last episode of Lockdown Loving and did we save the best 'till last? This week we explored the colourful and incredible journey of one of the pioneers in Kiteboarding, Susi Mai. We were also joined by Bridget Burleigh who founded the Kite Physio to help us understand the requirements of recovery no matter your level in sport.

This session was all about enjoying the journey, and not seeking the destination.

Susi Mai became a Kiteboarder just a couple of years after the sport began, after touring the competition circuit for 11 years, she founded MaiTai events hosting up to 14 events a year and has since launched the Ultramarine Ocean Summit with their 3rd event running in February.

Bridget has worked with International Sports Teams, Athletes and at key events such as Wimbledon Tennis and London Olympics. Bridget helps athletes prepare before and after competitions using her experience as a physiotherapist, now specialising in Kitesurfing and extreme sports founding Kite Physio.

We talked about Susi winning King of The Air (KOTA) 3 times in a row, the original Queen of The Air and her passion remaining in 'just being out there'.

Yet again, we are lucky enough to have Philippa Jones (Phil) to help us pull together the best bits on this podcast for the last time.



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