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Lockdown Loving Ep3: Your True Self with Anna Erghott and Carro Djupsjo

It was a beautiful evening this one. Talking deeply and honestly about who we really are. Stubborn, determined, shy, proud and every other thing in between.

Freesurfer Anna Erghott and Wakeboarder Carro Djupsjo joined us as a duo from two Extreme Sports that are often worlds apart to find out where our similarities lie. It's always so beautiful to get the perspective not just of a professional sportswoman but from the way in which the industries might change the way we portray ourselves.

Carro is a world class Wakeboarder and a big inspiration to women in the sport, she has been in the industry for over 16 years and has competed more times that we can really count. Recently releasing her signature board Slingshot Contrast 2021, she has done and seen it all in the industry.

After years competing, Anna Erghott is a freesurfer, which means she chases waves and documents her incredible journey. If you need a definition of flow, just get yourself watching a video of Anna on a wave. Anna broke the rules as a young girl and followed her heart and her soft but powerful words are ones to listen to.

It really was a beautiful episode this one, and of course, with the help of Philippa Jones (Phil), we got the best bits into this weeks podcast.

Enjoy and go be you.


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