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Lockdown Loving Ep2: Powerful Sexuality with Nikki Armytage

What an Episode. Founder of Electric Woman, Nikki Armytage, told us straight that we need to regain the power over our bodies and use them to find strength, power and truth in ourselves. You can catch up by listening to the Podcast now!

Nikki is an international leadership coach, speaker and writer. She founded Electric Woman which stands for women to be ‘Electric’, meaning embracing their feminine power and soulful leadership; releasing perfectionism; and accessing the wisdom of their body, powered-up by their pleasure and desire. 

Alongside her 1-1 coaching practice, Nikki leads a thriving community of women, and delivers workshops on female sexuality and empowerment. She inspires women to want more for themselves and is passionate about supporting them to rise to their true radiance.  She has been featured in publications such as Vogue, The Guardian and Forbes Magazine.

It might have been the most engaging session we've had, with 40 women joining in the fun. If you missed it, lucky for you, with the help of Philippa Jones (Phil), we got to savour the best bits into this weeks podcast.

Sit back and enjoy.... In more ways that one.


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