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International Women's Day with She Flies

We're so lucky to have such an incredible community. One of our down falls is that we are SO GLOBAL that it's hard to get us all together in one place. But that's where our virtual events come in.

This month for International Women's Day, on Monday 8th March, we hosted 96 women(!) at the She Flies Choose To Challenge virtual event.

International Women's Day is a big day for us for obvious reasons but Choose To Challenge was an interesting theme. Challenge can come from anger and frustration and it's often delivered with emotion. It can be a nerve-racking step for many and that's why many of us shy away from it.

But challenge comes from truth, the truth of what you really feel. It doesn't come from anger or frustration, they're just sometimes passing emotion as you step into the challenge. Choosing to challenge is powerful and we wanted to show our community all of the ways in which we can choose to challenge.

Over to our special guests, who did just that...

Paige Tobin

Paige Tobin is a 5 year old skater from NSW Australia. Paige picked up a board when she was 3 and never put it down. Her entire life revolves around the skating, being tough and getting back up but she also has a very girly side. She also loves surfing, boating, fishing and free diving. Paige feels fear often but has strong ability and determination to overcome whatever she is afraid of. She joined us as our opening speaker at our webinar and it couldn't have opened the event better. Here is a video of her thinking and riding in action.

Sue Harper

When Sue Harper stood on the summit of Everest in 2004 she was the first British woman to climb it as leader of an Everest Expedition. Only a handful of other British women had stood there before her. Sue has always been an adventurer and has also sailed the Atlantic Ocean and skied across the Alps from Austria to the Mediterranean.

Starting out life as a teacher, Sue put that career to one side when she stepped outside life’s boundaries, challenging the limitations that are set for us by others and that we set for ourselves. Climbing Everest showed her that we are capable of much more than we think, and that the greatest risk of all is not daring to dream. Sue now works as a Women’s Empowerment Coach, showing women how to unlock their potential and to take charge of their lives - proving that Girl Power is real!

Charlotte Boenigk

Charlotte is the founder of Free Your Instinct, a charity that offers parkour for mental health, challenging numerous objections on her journey. Also a PhD candidate researching the mental impact of parkour, a personal trainer as well as a busy mum of 2. Loves hiking, biking, surfing, snow boarding and moving - and she may be bribed with chocolate!

Jutta Minestretta from Girls That Fly

Jutta is part of the incredible extreme Water Skiiers group, Girls That Fly. Who compete professionally and globally, they are a selection of the best Extreme Water Skiiers in the world. They are breaking barriers for women in this sport and pushing the way to join up together to find a voice in this under represented sport.

Finally, a huge part of the event was introducing the She Flies The Movie premiere of 'The Journey'. We were delighted by the reaction of the women at the virtual event. There were tears, which means the movie was a hit!

If you missed it, click here to join our Watch Party on You Tube this Sunday. Grab your mum, daughter, brother, friend, uncle and pet to watch the movie of the year.


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