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Beginners Virtual Event with She Flies

As many of you know, our virtual events are full of awesome women, some listening, lots speaking, and we always have a special guest who shares their story of inspiration. But our last event was slightly different, it was all about the guests... and it was such a treat to have hosted a much more intimate event just for beginners.

As we opened up the event, I was reminded of the anticipation that you feel as a beginner. It's almost as if you're 'behind' everyone else. We all know Extreme Sports are a little different to team sports; when you're a beginner out there, you're on your own.

But what it felt like during this session, is that you're not. Our interactive guests who joined, really leant in to share their woes, worries and fears - and guess what - they were shared by the masses.

A large reason that She Flies exists is that Women learn in a unique way, we are into the detail, the analysis and that is often a tough challenge for Extreme Sports. After all, to learn an Extreme Sport you just have to... do it, right? Wrong.

Our panel of wonderful instructors shared advise and stories about how we learn and how we are unique, giving tips and ideas to build skill, confidence and the right kind of fitness.

Giorgia Matteazzi, Kitesurf Instructor, Tenerife

A sea mermaid who discovered a deep passion for Kitesurfing in her 30s. This passion helped her overcome a major fear for deep water and that changed her life forever. She left a corporate job to pursue the kite instructor career and travel around the world - now an Ambassador for She Flies. You can follow Giorgia on Instagram here.

Liepa Girskaite, Wakeboard Instructor & Founder of Women Wakeboarding

Founder of the ever popular Women Wakeboarding and one of our virtual instructors (you can book a session with her here) for Wakeboarding, Liepa is the perfect support to women starting out. You can follow Liepa on Instagram here.

It was a real pleasure to host the 40 women who joined this event and we will be getting our next Virtual Event ready - book in with us here or even better, sign up to our community to hear when we announce the next event!

And guess what, our panelist, Giorgia loved the event so much, she even wrote a brilliant insightful blog on the key details as a Kitesurf beginner - you can read it here!


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