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5 Reasons Female Kitesurfers want to be your friend

The She Flies girls hanging out with our World Number 3, Paula Novotna

You know that totally unapproachable girl who wears one of those multi-coloured bad-ass wetsuits, has salty beautiful hair that seems to curl and flow beautifully under what looks like a 'I'm sponsored' cap? Well, we at She Flies are willing to guess that she wants to be your friend.

Crazy right? Your friend? But she's so flipping cool - what would you talk about?! Well, if you're reading this, we can guarantee that you two would get along pretty well. Here's why:

Thanks to our friends at Beach Addiction for the picture (

1. She will be watching you ride and cheering you on At any kite spot around the world, girls seek out girls. Sometimes you're one of only a handful of girls in a spot that’s filled with 50 kites and that's kind of a big deal. You're there, amongst all of these guys, to learn or to progress in kiting - that bad-ass kite girl can't help but be proud of you. She'll be watching you - trust us. As Ella Johnson Said in the KITEBOARDER MAGAZINEs video, Girls in Kiteboarding: The 10%, "it's way more fun having girls out there pushing each other… I see someone else doing it that I can identify with" - by the way, if you haven't seen that video, go watch, immediately!

2. She is beautiful because she does what she loves, not because she is trying to be We can't deny it, kite girls are beautiful. Bodies to die for, sun kissed beach hair and an undeniable glow. But here's the thing - she's not trying to be beautiful. She has the body because she trains in one of the best core fitness sports you can do. She has the hair because she spends her days in salty air and not with curling tongs in front of a mirror. She radiates through her sun kissed skin because it hasn't been free to breath without make-up. And to seal the deal of proof with this one - when you do things you love, you radiate - anyone who kites like she does, does it because she loves it.

3. She's proud of herself We can't deny that kitesurfing takes determination - all those hours trying trying and trying again to land that trick? Well, she's not different. We reckon she's crashed more times than you've kited and now she's landing that crazy trick - there is no doubt that she is proud of herself and she would be pretty chuffed if you told her you were pretty impressed with her too.

4. She has cried - inside or out - to be where she is now If anyone of you ladies tells us they haven't cried once (inside or out) when learning to Kitesurf, we will eat our proverbial hat! We had quite the discussion here at She Flies HQ and eventually we all admitted to it - be it out of frustration, a spot of anger or sheer excitement. We bet this Kitesurfing mega babe is exactly the same. The point is, she's been on a journey, much like the one you are on or about to get on - and she knows very well how you're feeling.

5. It's one powerful community to be part of but it’s a mans world With the necessity of support in launching (getting your kite up in that sunny sky) and landing (putting it back down safely in that sparkling sand), the Kitesurf network and community easily grows and you're guaranteed, if you want to, to meet two people each session. The likelihood is that those two people will be guys - which is lovely and of course, kite guys are just as awesome as kite girls. But they're bigger than us, often stronger than us and they do tricks in a different way to us. The more woman in the sport means the more ideas for us to aim for, to push ourselves and to compare with - that kitesurfing mega babe will do better if the quantity of woman in the sport grows - it's kind of a fact!

What do you think, do you believe us now? These are 5 points that we reckon are pretty hard to argue with - so get your behind down to that beach and introduce yourself. Tell her She Flies sent you and remember to tell us how it went in our She Flies Facebook or Instagram!

And remember - that Kitesurfing mega babe? Yea, she flies…. But so can you!


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