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She Flies Pro Ambassadors

Colleen Carroll

Pro Rider

"I am proud to be an ambassador for She Flies because our purpose and passions align perfectly. One of my main driving forces is to empower other women through sharing my knowledge of kiteboarding. When women come together around a common sport, the walls come down and deep connections are made. The environment that emerges when kiteboarding women are brought together is one of support and camaraderie and this is exactly where I want to be and the crew that I want to be a part of! I believe that She Flies exists to foster the growth of such a community and I am honored to be a part of it."

Sensi Graves

Pro Kiteboarder

"She Flies represents the promotion of women everywhere and that really resonates with me. My personal mission is to spread joy and help others recognize their worthiness. Through my brand, Sensi Graves Swim, and through my kite camps, Strut Kiteboarding, we work specifically on empowering women to feel good in their bodies. The work of She Flies is directly aligned with that.

Anytime I can support and be a part of a community that lifts others up, I'll jump at the opportunity. Being an ambassador for She Flies is an honor as I get the pursue my goals of inspiring, encouraging and supporting women in watersports, everywhere! Stoked!"


She Flies Ambassadors

Giorgia Matteazzi

Giorgia Matteazzi

She Flies Tenerife

"A sea mermaid who discovered a deep passion for kitesurfing in her 30s. This passion helped me overcome a major fear for deep water and that changed my life forever. I left a corporate job to pursue the kite instructor career and travel around the world.

Mostly it freed my inner child that was pushed aside for too long, now she´s unstoppable and eager to make a lot of new experiences! Learning new sports at an adult stage can be challenging, I know how it feels and I'm here to tell you that if I can do it you can as well :)

The idea behind @LaGioKite is to inspire women to overcome barriers and achieve goals they thought they were out of reach. Once I found She Flies I knew immediately that we were a perfect match as our goals align perfectly. I’ve always believed that women have superpowers but we tend to forget it. That’s why being part of a supporting and empowering women community like SheFlies helps in keeping that top of mind.
Girls, together we are definitely stronger!"

Katka Salandova

Katka Salandova

She Flies Czech Founder

"Being a passionate Snowboarder, Splitboarder, Kitesurfer, Climber and finishing with my stretching in Acro Yoga. I also coach all of these in 6 languages. Throughout my studies I have been living in the Alps, Mexico or in Portugal: from the lecture straight to the slopes.

More recently, I have been living close to the ocean, organising kite retreats and working as a sport psychologist and mind coach which I love.

She Flies is exactly what was missing for me - a supportive community, inspiration and dreams coming through to reality. I love to shred with boys, but we women have other approaches and as a psychologist, I want to make it possible for any of you to believe in yourself and to learn whatever you want. Hence, I am so excited to be starting She Flies Czech Republic!"

Nora Oberlander

Nora Oberlander

She Flies Germany Co-Founder

"Passionate about Kitesurfing, Wakeboarding, AcroYoga, traveling, solving environmental issues and working with renewable energy. Growing up in Germany, living in different countries and traveling around the world (mainly for kitesurfing these days). Chasing the wind, the waves, and somewhat the balance between freedom, peace, relaxation and adventure, risk and the unknown.

After I joined the first SheFlies event I felt super inspired, motivated and excited. I have been looking for a women in extreme sports community for quite some time and there it was, all those lady shredders coming together to support, help and promote each other and share experiences and stories. And now I am running She Flies Germany!

Let’s show the world that women in extreme sports are crazy and awesome! Can’t wait to build an international community of extreme sports women with all of you girls!"

Gianna Mewes

Gianna Mewes

She Flies Germany Co-Founder

"Growing up in Germany and coming from an equestrian vaulting background (which is like acrobatics on a horse!), I always like to do vertical silks and partner acrobatic / Acro-Yoga. In 2015, I fell in love with kitesurfing and since then never missed an opportunity to go out on to the water.

Apart from my passion for acrobatics, I intend to clean mother earth from plastic waste with my company Merijaan. We have started with turning plastic waste from the kite spot into board racks and we have so many ideas to grow.

I feel honoured to be a She Flies Ambassador and to launch She Flies Germany as it represents what I live: To empower women in all kind of situations to push their limits, grow self-confidence, and shine. Let´s connect and exchange experiences and ideas ladies – I cannot wait to meet you all."

Nadine Stippler

Nadine Stippler

She Flies Germany

"Kitesurf Instructor, Yoga Teacher, competitive Snow Kiter & water addict. I grew up in the South of Germany & always addicted to water, I fell in love with the blue, wonderful, positive, full of energy element water.

At 6, I learnt windsurfing, at 18 I fell in love with kitesurfing. It's the thing nobody can take away. Like a little dolphin, if I am in the water it's hard to get me out. In life, I love the freedom, to travel in my van, respect mother nature & love the flow of life. The voice in me always says: "You can do more. You are a powerful, strong girl. Don't give up and keep fighting for all women around the world."

I am so proud to be an Ambassador of She Flies, for the rights of sportswomen around the world, with their own magic, without jealousy or angst. We are connected with the elements & capturing the beauty. We are pushing the limit like never before, flying higher & higher."

Sylwia Zelesziewicz

Sylwia Zelesziewicz

She Flies UK

"Based on the South East Coast of England working as a Kitesurfing instructor & using my Fitness Coaching Diploma to help people maintain a healthy lifestyle, get stronger or recover after injuries. Kitesurfing is my passion & I'm doing my best to promote a respectful life, care about Mother Nature & love people. Impossible doesn't exist...

She Flies makes me fly & this is the reason why I'm proud of being an Ambassador. After a long cold winter riding on my own I finally found girls who want to join me, share passion & who want to hold my hand when I need it. I don't have enough hands to count how many awesome lady shredders I've met already through the community. She Flies - I believe you because the community is real, you make me feel the love."

Leila Scheltema

Leila Scheltema

"With the kiteboarding lifestyle you are encouraged to experience, to travel and to meet other awesome shredders. I have been inspired by other women pushing the kite level within female kiteboarding such as, Angely Bouillot with her unique style and confidence. And Jalou Langeree capturing the beauty of the sport as well as it’s connection to the earth’s elements.

I ended up at She Flies looking for a platform for support and inspiration and this has truly been the case. With the support of She Flies I am pushing my own limits and flying higher, hoping to be a motivation to others and contributing to a platform where women encourage and motivate one another!"


She Flies Affiliates

Did you know you could become an affiliate of She Flies? Becoming an affiliate of She Flies requires a frame of mind, not a level of ability. If you believe in our core values, we would love you to have a closer association to She Flies.


You can find more information on our Affiliates Page.

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