Coaching for Kitesurfers

Kitesurf Coaching // The theory, the science, the safety, the mindset – all the things forgotten from that first lesson on the beach. Our Coaches are experienced Kiteboard Instructors and will take you through your style, approach and technique to progress on the water. Footage of you riding advised. 60 minutes.

Performance Coaching // The practise of performance coaching is to seek the true potential in each individual. Our Coaches are qualified and experienced life coaches. We will use techniques that raise awareness and responsibility whilst reducing interference. It is a powerful practise to structure thoughts and reach your true potential in either sport or life. 60 minutes. 

Mind Coaching // Fears and blockades are common in extreme sports. Our coaches are psychologists and trained mind coaches. We will use techniques such as EMDR and mental imagery to isolate and reprogram limiting beliefs and traumas in your past. 90 minutes.


Events for Kitesurfers

Throughout the year, we host events for Kitesurfers of all levels in Europe and around the world. Don't forget to check out our next events and get booked in before they sell out.


Partner Schools

If online coaching isn't for you and you're ready to get to the spot, make sure you reach out to our partnering schools around the globe. Pick up a She Flies Discount Card and you will have access to up to 15% off.


Instructional Movies for Kitesurfers