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We take our selection process of schools, brands and partners very seriously and our registered  Partners are only those we believe hold the She Flies philosophy, we often find new partners through recommendations or registered bodies but we recognise there are many more brilliant partners out there. If you think you're one of them, please fill in the form below.
  • She Flies will promote your organisation within our list of recommended providers, both through our community and on our website and social media platforms.

  • By joining our partnership, you automatically qualify for our giveback scheme, where £3 of every Support pack goes directly back to a Kite School or Wake Park of the customers choice. One you have hit a threshold of £10, we pay this directly to a PayPal account of your choice.

  • She Flies will support you through your social media channels on Instagram, Facebook and any other that may be relevant to expose our partnership and we will promote you on a monthly basis as we advertise the Together Scheme. Social Media stories, photographs or videos of female learners / riders in general will encourage this community and we would be delighted to share your content should you tag us on social media.

  • To ensure consistency, She Flies will request feedback from any She Flies visitors to your organisation and promote your organisation on our platforms using this feedback.


We are often inundated by requests from Women in parts of the world that we don't coach or offer events. If we could, we would but we recognise that whilst the industry may not be dominated by women, it is often encouraging of them and we want to direct our community to those that we know will help them.

We also recognise that sometimes it’s hard to differentiate from the right schools and the rogue schools. Sadly, there are lots of the latter so we want to ensure women are exposed to the right schools and it doesn't stump both their progression but more importantly, their confidence.

We are a not-for-profit and all of our revenue goes back into the business as a social enterprise, which is why we offer our Give Back Scheme to support the schools that are supporting our cause.

Email us to apply
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