This community weekend marks the week of the Official She Flies Germany Launch, that's why we're hosting this special bespoke event. Hosted by Nora and Gianna, our She Flies Germany Ambassadors, we only have 10 spaces available, get in touch quick to reserve your spot.

This 4 day community gathering is aimed at the Women who Kitesurf in Germany. Different to our usual camps, this event is a semi-organised get together. We will be taking payment for the accommodation only, with the remaining of the weekend working on a 'pay-as-you-go' basis.

You can expect a weekend of Kiting in Büsum's epic flatwater lagoon, where there is always water and some great “priel” spot. It’s great for every level of kitesurfing and the weekend is all about us getting together, getting to know one another and talking through our own stories.

We will have demo kit to try from our partners and plenty of no wind activities - if we have to find them!

This is the launch of something special, be part of this long and awesome journey with She Flies Germany.



Shared Accomodation

Pay as you go

Intermediate +

Not included

3 nights

Windy but chilly!

€15 to secure a spot


Thursday 15th October - Sunday 18th October


This is a special event and will be run as a Pay As You Go. To confirm your place, all we ask for is a 15 EURO deposit which will be put towards your accommodation costs which we estimate to be about 45 EURO per night.


    Pre-arrival introductions to start the She Flies Germany awesome community, ensuring everyone knows everyone before we arrive
    This is a special event which we will be running as a semi-organised weekend, meaning we will organise and take payment for the accommodation, everything else we will organise and you can choose to join in on a pay-as-you-go basis.


    This is a pay-as-you-go event so all of the extra super awesome activities will be optional for you to pay as you go!
    You will be required to bring and be responsible for your own equipment.
    There are no lessons included as part of this event, but we will be giving each other tips throughout the weekend.


Our camps aren't like many others, whilst you may not find many detox smoothies in sight, a glass of wine or a bottle of beer as we watch the sunset and talk about things that women love to talk about - well, that is a little more common.

At the core of She Flies are Our Values, and we hold them true in everything we do - which includes our camps:

  • We believe Women have divine and unique feminine style to their riding, from innate femininity to attention to detail in their approach - we focus on this and bring it out in our coaching

  • We focus on true community before, during and after the camp. 90% of the women who join our community, join as strangers, every single one of them leave with friends

  • Women develop faster when their mind is coached as well as their body - asking 'what's stopping you' instead of 'just do it' is an example of subtle changes that end in success

  • Support is better than comparison and you will find yourself supported throughout every camp with a She Flies host on hand at all times

  • Showing off is important - one of our missions at each camp is to encourage you to show off - you'll find your super powers if you do....


Our feedback shows that progression continues much longer than the camp itself and our growing community is evidence that our values have a lot of strength.


You can trust us that we've thought of everything and there is a lot more information available about this trip including spot information, accommodation information, reviews, day to day activities and bespoke requests.

We follow our values very closely and community is everything so get in touch and we can chat more about it.


To book a place, we ask for a 25% deposit, get in touch if you'd like to reserve one of the few spaces available!

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