The She Flies Together Support Programme will bring us together to grow the global wave of women in extreme sports.
Extreme sports are more than lessons and camps - they're a journey and a lifestyle. Your focus is different because of your level and regardless of your level; you're a different person and you need different guidance and support.
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*Please note, the Together Scheme Support packs are beneficial for Kiteboarders and Wakeboarders but we are working on expanding this offering to other sports - join the community while we do so you're the first to know when it's ready.


You’re brand new to Kiteboarding;  maybe you’ve seen it at the beach but don’t know anyone that does it, perhaps you’ve never even seen a kite up close. You often find yourself lost on Google, completely baffled as to where to start, how to learn and how much you need to give this sport if you want to learn it. This pack is for you!


You’ve had your 6-12 hours of lessons and you’re doing that thing everyone talks about, riding "upwind". Now you’re out on your own, without an instructor. Physically, you know you can do it but you’re not sure on which kit, what conditions and how you keep at it, confidently and consistently,  without fear.


You’re independent, maybe you’ve bought some kit and each time you visit the beach, there’s less and less of those nerves stopping you go. It’s a great place to be and you feel proud for it but you find that you’re just going one way and then back the other way, you’re ready for a challenge but you’re not quite sure how to step into it.