The safety, the science, the theory, the mindset – all the things forgotten from that first lesson on the beach or at the cable park. Our Coaches are experienced Wakeboard instructors and this entitles you to a 60 minute online face to face session.


Before the session we will ask you to complete our online form, which will help us to understand your level, experience, hurdles and goals from both the session and long term. We also ask for any videos you may have of your riding, or indeed a particular trick you are hoping to master. This allows us to understand more about where you might need support and help us prepare for the coaching.


Within the 60 minutes, we will talk through the techniques you need to cover using video analysis online, assessment of your videos (if you have them available) and diagrams to understand the theory behind it.


This is a tried and tested technique that will help you understand really where you need to focus on and what you need to work on to break through any barriers you may have on your journey.

Wakeboard Coaching (Online)