Get your hands on the She Flies Membership Card for access to up to $$$ discounts yearly at Kite Schools and Wakeboard Parks worldwide.


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Community is the most important element in the She Flies beliefs, so to expand ours, we are partnering with our recommended Kite Schools, Wake Parks and some really beautiful brands.

If you're planning to learn or progress your Kitesurfing or Wakeboarding this year, we know all too well how quickly it becomes expensive. You start with the lessons then you inevitably follow with either more, or equipment hire - you're already at $500 before you know it - stop right there and grab yourself a She Flies Membership Card.


We've worked hard to establish great relationships with global schools and this card entitles you to up to 15% discount, globally, on lessons and equipment hire. All you need is to bring the card along with you on your trip, flash it to your favourite and our recommended school or park and expect a warm smile and a great discount.


This is the first of it's kind in extreme sports and not only do our membership card holders get this brilliant discount on lessons/equipment hire, but we ensure each of our awesome partners really believe in the She Flies values and they promise to welcome any She Flies members with open arms and a warm smile.

She Flies Membership Card

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