The Classic She Flies Jumper is easily one of our best sellers. Coming in both Blue and a soft Lava Grey, this Jumper is lightweight with a comfy unisex fit, making it a staple item for pre or post session both in a hot climate or with layers for the cooler and braver lady shredder. 


Proudly reading SHE FLIES across the front, this statement sweater tells the world that you are part of something. You are not afraid to fall. You are a Woman that Flies.



  • Ultra soft & lightweight
  • Cool colours
  • Perfect Pre and Post Sesh
  • Comfy fit
  • Machine washable and durable


When you wear a She Flies product, you are inviting other Women and Girls to approach you. You are telling them you beleive in the She Flies Core Values and you are part of something bigger.


Make a statement.


All She Flies products use sustainable and organic materials.


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Classic Jumper


    At She Flies we partner with ethical brands and try hard to ensure our merchandise uses the most sustainable and organic products possible.