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Watch: Storytelling with Jalou

We were delighted to catch up with Jalou in Cape Town, shortly after the release of her epic edit 118ft Of Freedom.

Jalou tells us her stories of Success, Failure, Regret and Reward. It's always so easy to talk to Jalou and her passion and commitment to the sport and her beliefs within it come through in everything we talk about.

We somehow cover the way Airton shreds, Moona gets barrelled, the Disney film Dumbo, how she definitely wouldn't have been a Doctor and that moment she very nearly burned her kites and quit it all.

Jalou is a pioneer for Women in Extreme Sports and catching up with her just a couple of days after her premiere of the new masterpeice by Mintautas Grigas (@mintukass), "118ft of Freedom" is evidence of that.

Watch the full interview here:


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