Proudly announcing the Women who define every core value of She Flies.



With the kiteboarding lifestyle you are encouraged to experience, to travel and to meet other awesome shredders. I have been inspired by other women pushing the kite level within female kiteboarding such as, Angely Bouillot with her unique style and confidence. And Jalou Langeree capturing the beauty of the sport as well as it’s connection to the earth’s elements.

I ended up at She Flies looking for a platform for support and inspiration and this has truly been the case. With the support of She Flies I am pushing my own limits and flying higher, hoping to be a motivation to others and contributing to a platform where women encourage and motivate one another!




Based on the South East Coast of England working as a Kitesurfing instructor & using my Fitness Coaching Diploma to help people maintain a healthy lifestyle, get stronger or recover after injuries. Kitesurfing is my passion & I'm doing my best to promote a respectful life, care about Mother Nature & love people. Impossible doesn't exist...

She Flies makes me fly & this is the reason why I'm proud of being an Ambassador. After a long cold winter riding on my own I finally found girls who want to join me, share passion & who want to hold my hand when I need it. I don't have enough hands to count how many awesome lady shredders I've met already through the community. She Flies - I believe you because the community is real, you make me feel the love.


Becoming an affiliate of She Flies requires a frame of mind, not a level of ability. If you believe in the Core She Flies Values, we would love you to become an Affiliate of She Flies. You can find more information on our Affiliates Page.


Who knows, perhaps one day you will become an Ambassador too.