The first of it's kind; a female focused 145km Sri Lanka downwinder


West Coast, Sri Lanka

21st - 27th June, 2020



Join us and our friends in Sri Lanka for one of the most amazing kite adventures in the world and downwind the wild and beautiful North West coast of Sri Lanka - and guest what, if you join us in June, you will be pioneering a wave of Women in Kiteboarding as you will be part of the first ever Women's Only group to do it. Well, how about that!

The only tour in Sri Lanka with a true nod and honour from the Navy is done by Freeriders, run by Keira and you are in safe hands. The pride you'll end the week with will knock your socks off. 145km of pride.

We split the week into 3; Preparation, Downwinder, Relaxation to ensure maximum time to get to know each other, prepare, complete and relax in our own little paradise at the end.

If you think "this isn't for me" - I'm willing to argue that you're wrong. If you can comfortably Kitesurf upwind and you have Kitesurfed in choppy conditions (i.e. the ocean, rather than a lagoon) then this is absolutely for you. We will not let any rider do this unprepared and we will not let any rider give up too soon if we think you can do it.


If you are concerned about your capability, just give us a call and we can talk it through.

Remaining as a small group, we spend time getting to know you before the trip and during. You will form solid friendships, set your own pace and individual Kiteboarding goals.

At She Flies, we are strong believers in the importance of community, support and unique distinctions in a women’s Kiteboarding, reflecting this throughout this trip with your She Flies host -  but moreover, we are committed to finding adventures that women can do but quite often, they don't. We are on a mission to make a change and you are going to help us!


This is what She Flies is all about. Sign up for the downwinder of your lifetime!

[This trip is aimed at intermediate to advanced riders only, please check your skill set below]

[Please note: A minimum of 6 guests is required to run this trip.]



Our preparation days will be filled with Kiteboarding with each other, enjoying the perfect conditions to ride together as a team and partake in the coaching sessions with your host. 

Staying in our own private comfortable shared accommodation, a short walk to the lagoon, the first half of the week will focus on ways for us to form as an awesome team, getting to know each other, building your confidence and checking you're happy and well rehearsed in any safety techniques. We will practice yoga in the mornings to keep up strong and ride in beautiful conditions all afternoon.

On our second day we will take part in a short, fully supported practice downwinder in similar conditions


We take a lot of care in making sure you have time to get to know each other with evening sessions off the water discussing the best techniques for downwind riding with your qualified coach and host.




We will start in Kalpitya and head North towards Mannar, trip duration is 2 days. The trip will be led by incredible, supportive and experienced guides (and She Flies friends) and they know their way in navigating the North West, your She Flies host will also be with you all the way. All guides are IKO certified and trained for emergency medical rescue. We will be supported full time by land support crew who are always one step ahead of us and part time by experienced boat support crew. Along the way we make many stops to rest, check on gear, check on each other and so the team can have some refreshments.

This trip crosses approximately 45km of Wilpattu National Park coast line leaving you with breathtaking scenery that few people have ever seen. Along the national park crossing you will be greeted by countless eagles including Sri Lankas largest eagle, the Sea Eagle, and if your lucky you might spot and elephant.


After the park the terrain is always changing, from large cliffs, to arid landscapes, with historical monuments and remote fishing villages along the way. On the water you have a non stop playground constantly challenging you. Water conditions vary from mirror flat water to playful shore break to chop. This is a dynamic trip-the ultimate freeride, you get long near flat water/ shore break runs along the national park and close to Mannar. In places like “the cliffs” you get some choppy water but also the amazing back drop making this a challenging and memorable moment.  Along the way are several remote river mouths creating small lagoons with perfect flat water and not a person in sight, paradise!


After the first day we make camp in a jungle location next to the beach and celebrate. During the first day we cover a majority of the downwind distance leaving an easy run to Mannar on the second day.


Downwind Day 1: Approximately 85km


Downwind Day 2: Approximately 45km


During the trip we stop many times for a rest and to enjoy amazing kite spots. We also provide tons of food and refreshments on the trip to give you full power!


It's time to relax. Arriving in paradise for two nights. Once you've got over how proud you are of yourself and we've packed up our gear, we head to our hidden Kitesurfing gem in Mannar. Our luxury cabins look out to the 16km of flat water Kitesurf playground, the protected sandbanks of Mannar and the sanctuary for numerous migratory birds and you can choose to spend the next 2 nights practicing yoga, relaxing during your well deserved massage or just staring out onto the incredible views, beautiful sunsets and starry nights sky.


Of course, if you still have the energy, this spot is a dream location for us Kitesurfers: pristine conditions, 16km of flat water and the most stable winds in Sri Lanka - oh, and you may just have the place to yourself.



All you need to do is arrive at Colombo Airport, and we will do the rest. You can pick up a visa on arrival for a small fee and once you have you bags, come out to meet us waiting there with your transport!


Kitesurfing Adventure

All Inclusive

Airport Transf Inc.

Female Focused

From £1,150

7 days

Shared & Camping

Strictly intermediate +

20-25 knots daily!


  • Pre-arrival introductions to strengthen our community, ensuring everyone knows everyone and the stoke is fully fired up before we get on board

  • Comfortable twin-shared accommodation in luxury bungalows

  • Goody bag from our sponsors and She Flies

  • Overnight camping under the starts during the downwinder

  • Off the water downwind coaching session with Josie

  • On the water group coacihng session with Josie

  • Daily private yoga class in preparation for the downwinder

  • Private Cinema night

  • Experienced IKO certified guides with first aid and rescue training

  • All transport required for the She Flies itinery

  • Extensive briefing pre trip and on water briefings

  • 1 Supported practice downwinder

  • All meals, including water, coffee and tea during the week

  • Airport pick up and drop off

  • Kitesurf equipment storage

  • All photographs and videos captured of your Kiteboarding



£1,150 - Early Bird - Available Now

£1,250 - More than 90 days of the trip

£1,300 - Less than 90 days of the trip

These prices are also available in EUR and will be €1,250, €1,350 and €1,450 respectively.



21st - 27th June 2020


  • Flight to and from Sri Lanka

  • Insurance – It is your responsibility to ensure that you have the appropriate insurance to cover you for all aspects of this trip, including cancellation

  • Kitesurf Equipment Rental (available at an additional cost)

  • You are required to hold a visa which you can purchase at Colombo airport for a fee

  • Additional lessons i.e. 1-1 Kitesurfing (available at an additional cost)

  • Beers, wine and spirits will be available to purchase at the bar within our accommodation

  • Any additional expenses