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Founded in 2019, we are a social enterprise with a mission to grow and strengthen the global wave of women in extreme sports.


Our aim is to create an environment where Women are the default, not the exception and where divine feminine style in mind and body is both recognised and coached.

As a social enterprise, our vision is to be recognised by every women thinking about, starting or progressing in any extreme sport, as a place to grow & develop, in whichever way that's necessary for them.


As a successful businesswoman & leadership coach, our founder Josie West has had a voice at the table for Women in Business for many years.


Having grown up as a self confessed 'water baby', Josie took a break from the corporate life to focus solely on Kiteboarding in 2018.


"It wasn't long after I started teaching that I recognised a golden thread for Women in Extreme Sport. Just like business, they need to be seen and heard at the table because its not happening yet.


We often take time, focus on the detail, analyse it - sometimes over analyse it - and consider style and technique not just speed and strength. This approach results in finesse, smooth riding and perfection. Something that is hard, harder than just 'going big', to achieve. Woman in extreme sports have an elegance to their strength, it is incredible to watch and I felt it was about time it's recognised."



After exploring the science behind the way in which Women learn, Josie recognised a need for Extreme Sports coaching to adapt. As IKO Kitesurf Instructor, she tried this approach in Australia, Greece and Sri Lanka and she started to see Women flourish.

"The change in behaviour, found determination and ongoing interest that women had when their skills and approach was recognised and they had women around to inspire them - it directly resulted in progression and an energy that can't be created elsewhere. I knew that there was something that needed to be done."

In June 2019, the Social Enterprise She Flies was born.

The first 12 months has seen Kitesurf Camps, Film Screenings, Progression Mornings, a large scale Wakeboard Mini Festival, multiple Virtual Events with world class athletes in Surf, Kitesurf and Wakeboarding. We have produced powerful media hitting 20K engagements and become a globally recognised name, appearing on numerous media podcasts and publications.

Year one is just the start and as more women join the She Flies network, we grow everyday.


We host small to large scale Events, Webinars and Mini Festivals.


We run Wakeboard Camps, Kitesurf Camps and Progression Sessions in the UK and abroad.

We provide Online Coaching & Mentorship for Women around the world. 


We produce Powerful Media to shine a light on our community and Inspirational Athletes.


We proudly sell She Flies Merchandise for Women globally.


We do all of this through our exponentially growing She Flies Network and Social Media profiles.

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