As a social enterprise, our vision is to be recognised by every women thinking about, starting or progressing in any extreme sport, as a place to grow & develop, in whichever way that's necessary for them.


Founded by Josie West in early 2019, we are a social enterprise that will grow and strengthen the global wave of incredible women in extreme sports; through Camps, Community and the creating of inspirational media.


It is our belief that in order to grow this wave, the feminine style in both mind and body must be recognised in both coaching and celebration.

Beginners to sponsored riders, we simply create the right environment for you to push the limits you want to push in any extreme sport.


After years of teaching Kiteboarding, Josie recognised a golden thread in a womans approach.


Women often take time, focus on the detail, analyse it - sometimes over analyse it - follow it with emotion and focus on the technique not just speed and strength. It comes with emotion and fear that should be celebrated, not pushed aside.


This approach results in finesse, smooth riding and perfection. Something that is hard, harder than just 'going big', to achieve.


Woman in extreme sports have an elegance to their strength and it is incredible to watch.


The industry may not be dominated by women, but it can be encouraging of women and we must take advantage of that to allow the growth to strengthen.

Fear is real but it is necessary - it can be used to drive ambition and passion and a love for something you've never felt before.

"I want to create an environment that everyone will feel inspired by; celebrating the ones at the top - those that help us find the fire in ourselves - and encourage, with everything that we have, those just starting to think about it - because they're ready to jump, they just need something to fall on"


Through She Flies, a wave began of global support to create that desired environment for every level and community for women in all kinds of extreme sports.


She Flies is a community, a campaign, a progression and adventure camp organiser & a philosophy. We will grow this global wave in every way we can.


We are here for you to push your limits and find our way over them - because if we do, something really incredible happens in your mind and body. You start to fly.